I am captured by the intangible and immaterial. A mystical experience; when I am outside I feel one with nature. This experience is the inspiration for my work.

Everything except language
knows the meaning of existence.
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it
moment by moment as the universe. (Les Murray)

Mysticism is not only about a sense of unity, but also about a meaning that shows silence, space and nature. A deeper layer of visible reality; everyday things can be seen with different eyes. An image can connect the invisible with the visible, the moment with infinity.

I work on paper with charcoal, ink, crayon and other, all black and white. Using these drawings I make collages and sculptures. I’m balancing between letting the image grow and controlling the way it will become. Collages and sculptures; upcycling unfinished works, using a collection of years that was just waiting in a drawer. The time put into these works not wasted, but invested into something new, creating extra condensed and intense collages.

The structures of the old drawings are like ready-made colors and lines in my own handwriting. The old drawings are glued together and cut off again, making layers visible, like layers of an excavated mound or quarry; the deeper layers, physical, but in the work also immaterial and symbolic. The layers show time; the accumulation of times, reuse of drawings, even my own history as an artist is compressed in them. Time is a space, just like the landscape.
The collages have become more spatial. I create mysterious objects reminiscent of earth, minerals and landscape. I call them “cosmic ornaments”; they seem to come from another world or time.



Royal Library, Den Haag


Academy of Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen
Art Therapy, Stenden, Leeuwarden


Monnikenwerk/Graceland Festival, installation
Like Art live, Suikerbrij Festival, Groningen
The Collager, Galerie Noord, Groningen, catalogue
De Ploeg across the border, Kunstzentrum Coldam 

Gallery Alta Bosca, Gorredijk
DagDelen, (DayParts), interactive art project
DagDelen, solo exhibition, Ter Apel Monastery
Graphic scores and soundscapes, Ter Apel Monastery (videos)
Open Stal, art route, Oldeberkoop
Like Art Event, interactive art project, Groningen www.likeart.nl
World chapel, interactive art project/performance, Graceland Festival, Zeewolde
Feest van de Geest, art route in medieval churches
Mural, commissioned work in Leeuwarden
Kunsthof Gallery, Appingedam

CODA Paper Art 2021, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (video)
Monnikenwerk, working on location in medieval church (www.monnikenwerk.nu)
Art project DagDelen on different locations
Solo exhibition DagDelen, Andreas church Westeremden
Connections, group exhibition, Museum Helmantel, Westeremden
Madness, artists collective 6mperuur10mdiep, Gallery Hoogenbosch, Gorredijk

Pop-up gallery, Groningen
Monnikenwerk, working on location in medieval church, www.monnikenwerk.nu
Traces residency and group exhibition, artists collective 6mperuur10mdiep, Museum Oude Wolden, Bellingwolde

Zomerexpo, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle/Heino www.zomerexpo.nl
Monnikenwerk, work on site in medieval churches in Groningen, artevent with 10 artists in 9 churches
Buitenmodel: propositions for landscape, residency and exposition with artist collective 6kmperuur10mdiep, Art Centre Emmen
Groningen kunstenaarsparadijs? Museum Wierdenland, Ezinge

Letter tot leven, theme exposition, Wilhelminakerk, Dordrecht
Ploeg 100 jaar, Gallery Pictura, Groningen.
Exposition group, Gallery Forma Aktua, Groningen
En plein air, hikingtrail and exposition, Museum Wierdenland Ezinge
Drawing installation, medieval church Tjamsweer, part of art route

Tekenkabinet, contemporary drawing, Amsterdam www.tekenkabinet.nl
Installation/performance ‘No one LIKE you’, artist collective Sound of Silence, performing arts festival Noorderzon, Groningen.
Huntenkunst, Artfair, Ulft www.huntenkunst.org
De Ploeg anniversary exposition, Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam

Wintersalon, Gallery Pictura, Groningen
Installation ‘Immaterial business’, artist collectieve Sound of Silence, performing arts festival Noorderzon, Groningen
De Ploeg on paper, Ploeg exposition, Veenkoloniaal Museum, Veendam
Spatial installation, Vries, artroute Feest van de Geest
Art and Monuments route, county of Loppersum

‘Woester’ salon des refusés Zomerexpo, Art Centre Groningen
Open Stal, art route, Oldeberkoop
Installation ‘Pause’, artist collective Sound of Silence, performing arts festival Noorderzon, Groningen.
Huntenkunst, Art fair, Ulft
Exposition ’Look inward’, Gallery Pictura Groningen
Exposition ’Look inward’, Gallery Pulchri, Den Haag

Installation ‘Sound of Silence’, artist collective Sound of Silence, Groningen
Panorama Groningen, Ploeg exposition, Kunstkring Den Haag, Den Haag